Disability charity Scope is the first organisation to publish its internal disability and wellness report since the government published a new framework intended to support larger employers to record and report voluntarily on disability, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The government launched its new framework in November 2018, aimed at large employers (those with over 250 employees) across all sectors – public, private and voluntary. However, it is entirely voluntary and there is no penalty for not publishing the information.

Nationally, only 50% of disabled people are in work, compared to 80% of non-disabled people. The hope is that by encouraging employers to be transparent about the make-up and well being of their workforces, resources will be better allocated towards those who need assistance in accessing or remaining in the workplace.

Findings of Scope’s report

Through Scope’s staff survey and HR monitoring it found:

  • 17% of staff who completed its staff survey in 2018 identified as disabled (up 3% from 2017’s survey). This is broadly in line with the proportion of disabled working age people in the UK (18.6% according to the Office for National Statistics).
  • 74% of disabled employees responding had shared information about their impairment, condition or disability at work. Of those, 89% had talked with their line managers, and 71% with work colleagues.
  • 66% of disabled respondents has a reasonable adjustment made. Just over half of these expressed satisfaction.As regards staff wellbeing, the 2018 staff survey found that:
  • 82% agreed with the statement “I feel like I am Making a difference”.
  • 92% agreed with the statement “I enjoy the work I do” with 45% strongly agreeing.
  • Almost 60% of staff were happy with our flexible working arrangements.

Scope has said it will use this data as a baseline to identify areas that can be improved. Over the next 12 months it has committed to:

  • Making sure recruitment processes are inclusive and accessible.
  • Improving how it develops and supports all employees including disabled staff
  • Improving how it delivers reasonable adjustments.
  • Providing disability equality training to all staff.
  • Introducing resources to support all staff in terms of understanding disability in the workplace.
  • Running more sessions with disabled staff to share their experiences with others.

For more information about the voluntarily framework on disability, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, read our article in People Management.

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