Our employment law business is centred on giving prompt and exceptional client service to you.

We adopt a practical approach; always seeking to understand what you want to achieve and aim to deliver a successful outcome for you in timescales that suit you.

We are professional and personable. We pride ourselves on our open, down-to-earth approach. As part of this accessibility commitment, we will keep you regularly updated on the progress of your case, and your options, every step of the way.

How we work on a typical employment law case

You get in touch

You can contact us by phone (0800 808 5142), email ([email protected]), or by using our contact form.

Our client care team will be on hand to explain how we can help you, how we work, and the next steps.

If you want to proceed and instruct one of our expert employment law solicitors:

  • this will be arranged for you; at a time and date to suit you. Often, we can advise on the same day or the next working day.
  • Our client care team will send you your client care documents confirming in writing our likely initial costs/charges/pricing and explaining how we will work with you. We cannot give legal advice until you become a client, so need to engage you before being able to advise.

Please note we charge for the advice we give and cannot provide legal advice without first engaging you as a client.

We advise you

Once your client care documents are agreed, we will start work. This normally involves an initial meeting with your dedicated employment solicitor (usually over Teams) to give you bespoke employment law advice and practical guidance about your rights, options, and next steps.

During this meeting, we will discuss tactics and explain how your matter might progress and how we can assist you further. We will then be on hand to support you as your matter progresses.

If agreed with you, we can draft all correspondence/paperwork, conduct tribunal proceedings and/or negotiate a successful conclusion on your behalf.

We get you the best outcome

After your initial meeting, you are free to call upon us for as much or as little advice as you need; we are here to help you, our client.

As your matter progresses, we will keep you informed, explaining the law and best course of action for you at every step, as your matter evolves.

Our advice is all driven by your specific circumstances and the outcome(s) you want to achieve. Once we know that, we work tirelessly for you to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

In most cases, our service exceeds our client’s expectations. So we are confident that you won’t have any complaints. But if you do, you can rest assured that you have redress through the Legal Ombudsman, because we are strictly regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. 

Our employment law service charge options

We are committed to exceptional client care. This includes putting you in control of your legal fees.

We do this by being open and transparent about our charges by:

  • setting fee estimates,
  • agreeing them with you before we undertake the work,
  • letting you know when we are approaching the upper end of the estimate or if fees might exceed the estimate,
  • Asking for money on account, so we both know the commitment the work we are being asked to do.

Please note, that we do not offer free advice, but our client care team will be very pleased to explain how we work and charge at no cost to you. The options are usually:

Pay as you go

Many of our clients prefer us to work on a pay-as-you-go basis. For this type of service, our standard hourly rates apply.

We usually start working for you with a meeting over Teams. Generally, these tend to last approximately two hours, but it depends on the volume of papers, the issues involved and/or questions you may have.

During the meeting, we will advise you on your legal rights/obligations, next steps and likely costs.

After the initial meeting/phase, we will set out estimates of how much time and cost we think the next phase/step of your matter will take. We only continue working for you if you agree to the further fees.

We will ask for money on account of our costs before undertaking the work, so will never incur fees you are not expecting or willing to pay for.


Fixed fees – Employers

We have a suite of fixed-priced services, that will afford you the certainty of spend.

Document Review

This involves us drafting/updating/amending your contracts of employment and staff handbook/policies.

HR Support

Here, we commit to providing remote and unlimited employment law advice from one of our expert employment solicitors (who will be supported by the rest of the team) and who will be your dedicated solicitor.

Tribunal Representation

Through a third party, we can arrange insurance against the cost of Employment Tribunal claims (legal fees and awards/settlement).


We can offer a wide range of training for your managers, helping upskill them on topics, such as

HR Consultancy 

We can parachute an HR Consultant in to help you and your business for any on-site work that may be required, such as running a disciplinary investigation.  


Fixed fees – Employees

In some cases, we can also fix our fees for the work we do for individuals. This includes:

Settlement Agreement

If the terms of your settlement agreement are agreed upon, then we can usually fix the cost of advising you on it at the level of contribution from your employer (provided the contribution is reasonable).

Once we have advised you if you wish to negotiate, we can continue to help and support you, but it may mean the contribution is exceeded; if so, we will tell you before we undertake any further work and we will ask your employer to increase its contribution, so you have no fees to pay.

Case Review

Spend up to half an hour with a lawyer for an introductory fixed fee to find out whether you have a case and how much benefit there would be to taking it further, or to ask any specific questions you may have.

Contract Review

We tend to find that to review and advise on the terms of your contract of employment takes 1-2 hours, and so often cap our fees at two hours (but only charge the time it takes if less, but no more).

To find more detail on our charges, including tribunal costs information, please click here.