The Government recently published the latest list of employers who have been fined for paying their staff less than the required amount under national minimum wage legislation.

16,000 workers received £1.7 million in back pay and across the UK 260 employers received fines of £1.3 million.

The retail, hospitality and hairdressing sectors were among the most common offenders but several football clubs, including Wolves and Bristol Rovers were also on the list this time.

HMRC is responsible for enforcing the national minimum wage and has sweeping powers to investigate employers and review their records. HMRC follows up on any complaints from workers received by ACAS.

A list of employers who have breached their legal obligations is published by the Government twice a year. This is obviously embarrassing for employers and generates unwelcome, negative publicity.

Common mistakes employers made, which resulted in them breaching national minimum wage laws included:

  • Charging staff for uniforms (Primark)
  • Failing to pay staff for time spent waiting to b e security checked at the end of their shift (Sport Direct)
  • Docking excessive pay for lateness (Sport Direct)
  • Not paying staff for travelling between jobs
  • Not paying overtime


If you think you may not have received the national minimum wage you were entitled to, speak to one of our employment law exerts today.


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