The new rates for the national minimum wage (NMW), including the national living wage, came into force on 1 April 2019. This year sees the twentieth anniversary of the NMW, which was introduced in 1999. Rates have increased by just under 5% this year and the government says that it is on track to reach its target for the NMW to be 60% of median earnings by 2020.

New minimum wage rates from 1 April 2019 last year’s rates shown in brackets)

Below are the minimum hourly rates which must be paid.

  • workers aged 25 and above: £8.21 (£7.83)
  • works aged 21 -24: £7.70 (£7.38)
  • workers aged 18- 20 : £6.15 (£5.90)
  • workers aged 16-17 year: £4.35 (£4.20)
  • Apprentices (below 19 or any age in first year of an apprenticeship) £3.90 (£3.70)

Are you being paid correctly?

Check that you are being paid the correct rate and that your employer has implemented these increases from the correct date by checking your pay slip carefully. For workers aged below 25 it is particularly important to check that your employer increases your pay when it is supposed to when you move from one pay band to the next i.e. when you have a birthday.

New right for workers to be given a payslip

From the 6 April, it will be much easier for workers to ensure that they are being paid correctly as employers will be required to give all workers (not just employees) an itemised pay statement. This must include the number of hours worked where pay varies as a consequence of hours worked.




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