The government has issued draft regulations which seek to address the differences between male and female pay in the workplace. They are now up for consultation.

The regulations as they are currently drafted:

  • Apply only to employers of 250 employees or above, which represents a very small percentage of employers in the UK.
  • Data must start being collected in April 2017.
  • Mean and median figures will need to be revealed.
  • Information must be maintained publicly for at least 3 years.
  • Bonuses will be need to be reported on.
  • Otherwise, pay will include all basic pay, paid leave, maternity pay, sick pay, allowances, shift pay, and all other allowances such as clothing, car etc.

Despite equal pay legislation having been brought in as early as 1970, there remains an average pay gap of 20% in the UK.

The World Economic Forum ranks the UK 18th out of 145 countries for pay equality.

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