Employment rights have figured strongly in the manifestos of the main three political parties. Somewhat surprisingly, the Conservatives are very much a part of a general consensus that employment rights should be expanded.

We outline the various commitments.


  • Maintain existing rights after Brexit.
  • Continue Taylor review into gig economy rights.
  • Up to a year’s unpaid time off to care for sick relatives. Our comments about this are here.
  • Introduction of child bereavement leave.
  • Additional support after family leave.
  • Tackle gender pay gap and ethnicity pay gap.


  • Preserve all employment rights post Brexit.
  • Abolish Employment Tribunal fees.
  • Make all employment rights apply from day one of employment (this would in particular apply to unfair dismissal).
  • Extend duration of maternity and paternity pay.
  • Introduce new bereavement leave.
  • Ban zero hour contracts.
  • Create Ministry of Labour to ensure enforcement.
  • New and extended rights to unions.
  • Plans to tackle ethnicity pay gap.
  • Independent body to oversee gender pay gap reporting obligations.

Liberal Democrats

  • Keep UK in single market.
  • Preserve freedom of movement.
  • Introduce pay gap reporting in relation to race and sexual orientation.
  • Introduce name-blind recruitment in public sector.
  • Legislate to ensure board room diversity.
  • Address the use of zero hour’s contracts.

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