There are many free employment contracts on the internet. Why have a solicitor involved at extra cost? A good question to ask.

As a firm of employment law solicitors, when Springhouse speaks to you about your contracts and staff handbooks we will make sure we understand your business, apply our expertise, and in addition ensure that:

  • You are given the right type of contract. This will include deciding whether or not the contract should be for an employment, freelancer or a worker. We will also help you decide what level the contract should be set at. If there are any special scenarios, such as shareholder status we can help you with that as well. Unless you speak to someone who knows what they are doing, you will never be completely sure that you have put the right contract in place.
  • Making sure that the right protections are in the contract and that they are enforceable. The level of protection you need will depend on the nature of your business and the work the person you are engaging will be doing for you. Only by really understanding the situation can you make sure that the correct protections are in place. For instance are there any special qualifications or skills that are required and need to be kept up to date? Will the individual form commercially sensitive business connections or will they be privy to commercially sensitive information?
  • Making sure post-termination restrictions are as enforceable as possible. Post-termination restrictions are notoriously difficult to enforce, and should go no further than is reasonable to protect the legitimate interests of the business. This is very difficult to judge, and a good look at the latest position with the case law is essential. Ultimately it is for Judges to decide what is enforceable and what is not but only an experienced employment law practitioner will be able to help you craft restrictive covenants that are as enforceable as possible.
  • Making sure the contract is up to date. Employment law changes all the time. Making sure your employment contracts are up to date – and kept up to date – is a specialist job and, as employment law solicitors, it is what we are here to do for you.
  • Save costly situations in the future. Clearly investment at this stage has a good chance of saving a lot more money at a later stage, where, you may end up having to pay an employee more than is needed, either because they have employment law claims against you in a Tribunal, or because, for instance, you are paying out a unnecessarily high amount in notice pay. Bespoke paperwork means you will not be out of pocket.
  • Peace of mind. Having a specialist employment law firm undertake this work for you will give you the peace of mind that you have the very best contracts in place for your employees, and therefore the soundest possible basis for a central part of your business: your people. If you have us draw up your contracts for you, you will also have the protection of our gold-plated professional indemnity insurance.

Contact our team now about our fixed price employment document drafting service.

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