This is usually the first question that most people have when considering the risks and benefits of bringing an employment tribunal claim. It is particularly important to understand the likely costs of starting litigation in the employment tribunal as the general rule is that each party bears their own costs – regardless of who, ultimately, wins. Unfortunately, as each case is different, it is very difficult to give a very precise figure at the outset; we set out below some guidelines for our charges.

We encourage all clients to check their insurance policies to see if they have “legal expenses” insurance. If so, we can be appointed as your legal representative and your insurer pays your legal fees. Please note it is your responsibility to check whether you have cover and, if so, to comply with the terms of any policy.


Wrongful dismissal (a claim for notice monies)

These cases are usually simple with limited witnesses. As such, our estimated fee range is £2,000 to £8,000 plus VAT.


Unfair dismissal

These are generally more complex than wrongful dismissal cases.

  • For a straightforward case (ordinary unfair dismissal only, a 1-2 day hearing and 1-3 witnesses), our estimated fee range is £5,000 – £15,000 plus VAT.
  • For a more complex case that may involve issues of automatic unfair dismissal, more than two days hearing, the need for a preliminary hearing(s) and two or more witnesses, our estimated fee range is £10,000 – £40,000 plus VAT

As we say above, the above figures are purely an estimate (and a broad one at that), so please contact us, so we can discuss your specific situation and provide a more detailed/specific estimate of fees.

Employment tribunal claims have many different stages to them, and the overall cost of bringing or defending your claim will generally depend on the legal issues involved, number of witnesses and the length of the final hearing.


Fixed fees

We may be able to provide fixed fee quotations for different stages of employment tribunal claims or for other types of work. Such fees will be bespoke in every case, but we set out guidelines as to what costs might look like above.


Time basis

The way we usually charge is on a time basis, meaning; the more time we spend, the more we charge.

When working in this way, we generally agree budgets / fee ranges with you before undertaking any work and work within those. Also, we ask for money on account and bill monthly to also help put you in control of your legal fees.

All our Partners are fully qualified, senior and experienced, with a minimum 15 years’ post-qualification experience; often a lot more. Please see our individual profiles for more detail.

All our Consultants, Senior Associates and Associates are also experts in their field all with many years’ experience.

When working on a time basis, our Partners and Consultants charge between £350 – £400 + VAT per hour. Our Senior Associates charge £300 + VAT per hour and our Associates charge £275 + VAT per hour.



When acting for you we may incur costs from third parties. These are known as ‘disbursements’.

The disbursement we normally incur is counsel’s fees; usually for representation at an Employment Tribunal. Barristers that we tend to use cost approximately £750 to £2,000 + VAT per day depending on their experience and the case involved.

In order to obtain a specific price and quote for any disbursement, we will need to understand the work involved and agree those fees with you and Counsel before they are incurred. We will also always ask you to pay money on account of those disbursements before we incur them, which is our firm policy.



All our services are charged with VAT in addition at 20%.



Progressing a case can also be a lengthy process. Although settlement can be achieved within weeks, a simple case may take more than 9-12 months to be heard, a mid complexity case will probably take over 12 months, and a complex case is likely to take more than a year.


Further information

If you would like any more information about our fees, please contact us; we can explain everything in detail.


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