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As an employee, it is important that you are getting the terms you want from your employment contract and that the contract contains nothing unfavourable. Our qualified employment law solicitors will make sure you get the best deal.

Get a health check for your new contract

We can cast an expert eye over your new contract. We will help you understand it fully and check that it contains nothing out of the ordinary. We can help explain any complicated aspects, such as non-compete clauses, incentive plans and share ownership schemes, and ensure that you are happy with all the terms before you sign.

Negotiate the contract you want

Our qualified employment law solicitors can negotiate the terms of your contract. We can provide the expert assistance that will help you secure the conditions you want.

Claiming change or breach of contract

Our specialist employment solicitors will examine the details of your change or breach of contract claim, ensure your rights are upheld and protect you from being fairly dismissed.

We will guide you through what can be a difficult and complicated process, fighting your corner throughout, and help you to take practical steps towards a successful conclusion.

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