Find out whether you have been treated fairly

We can advise you whether your redundancy has been handled properly and whether you have a case for issuing employment tribunal proceedings. We can also negotiate a favourable exit package for you.

We can check whether your employer has followed the correct procedures and whether your redundancy is based on appropriate grounds.

Calculating what’s owed to you

Our specialist employment solicitors can help ensure that you receive the redundancy payment you are entitled to. We will make sure you receive the right payment according to your age, length of service, salary and contract.

Should there be any legal issues arising from your redundancy, we can help you claim compensation from an employment tribunal, or help negotiate a good financial exit package.

Negotiating a good exit package

We have an excellent track record in successfully negotiating favourable redundancy terms. Once we have assessed your situation, and in particular whether you have been treated fairly or not, we will seek the best severance package possible for you.

Bring employment tribunal proceedings

In most cases, we successfully resolve any issues surrounding unfair redundancy without having to instigate employment tribunal proceedings, but should we need to, our specialist employment solicitors have an excellent record.

We have extensive experience and expertise in representing clients at employment tribunals and achieving favourable results, both at tribunal and in negotiating settlements.

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