Employment law is all we do

We are a firm of specialist employment law solicitors.  We don’t do anything else.

We are here to help you.

This focus means we can apply our expertise in employment law to get you the best result, quickly.


We pride ourselves on our personal approach delivered in person or online across England and from our office in London (by appointment only). Our employment lawyers are easy to talk to, down to earth and committed to helping you: they will roll up their sleeves when needed and won’t bamboozle you with legalese.

We’re a firm of solicitors

Springhouse Solicitors is a trading name of Kilgannon & Partners LLP which is a law firm of regulated and authorised employment law solicitors.

Only with a solicitor do you get:


Our solicitors only specialise in employment law, so all their day-to-day work and training is focused on this one area of law; all for your benefit.

Our solicitors are very experienced, most have specialised as employment law solicitors for approximately 20 years.

Solicitors must be registered on the Roll of Solicitors, have undergone at least three years of training in addition to gaining a law degree or diploma, and must maintain standards by completing a minimum amount of training each year.

Legal advice privilege 

This means that any legal advice given to you by a solicitor will not be seen by any court or tribunal. It is unlikely that any advice given to you by anyone other than a Solicitor will be protected in this way.

This is a very important consideration, because without legal advice privilege you may need to disclose advice to a court or tribunal, and it may be negative to your case during legal proceedings.

Gold-plated insurance cover

The highest-quality insurance is compulsory for solicitors, should anything go wrong on the basis of their advice. Our cover is for up to £3 million for each claim.

Full regulation and oversight by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

The SRA imposes and enforces very strict standards of professional conduct with regard to everything solicitors do.

We always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations, but if something goes wrong, you have the right to complain through us and, ultimately, you may have redress through the Legal Ombudsman, because we are strictly regulated by the SRA.

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