Employment law is all we do

Springhouse Solicitors is a firm of specialist employment law solicitors. We don’t do anything else. This singular focus means we are experts in employment law and can achieve the best results quickly, confidently and without fuss.

Local and personal

Springhouse locations

We pride ourselves on our personal approach delivered locally to clients in London, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and Berkshire. Our employment lawyers are committed and down to earth: they’ll roll up their sleeves and won’t bamboozle you with legalese.

Outstanding track record

We usually resolve cases to our clients’ satisfaction without having to incur the expense of going to a tribunal, but when we have needed to take that step, our results have been exemplary.

100% of our clients say they would recommend us.

(Questionnaire responses at date of publication 28/07/14: the question was ‘Would you recommend us?’)

Our aim at Springhouse Solicitors is to make employment law advice of the highest quality easily accessible to you.

We’re a firm of solicitors

Springhouse Solicitors is a firm of regulated and authorised employment law solicitors. Why is this important? Because many businesses and advisors without these credentials dispense employment law advice. They are not regulated or authorised solicitors, but still call themselves lawyers.

What you get only with a solicitor


Solicitors must be registered on the Roll of Solicitors, have undergone at least three years of training in addition to gaining a law degree or diploma, and must maintain standards by completing a minimum amount of training each year.

Gold-plated insurance cover

The highest-quality insurance is compulsory for solicitors, should anything go wrong on the basis of their advice. Our cover is for up to £3 million for each claim.

Full regulation and oversight by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

The SRA imposes and enforces very strict standards of professional conduct with regard to everything solicitors do.

Legal advice privilege

This means that any legal advice given to you by a solicitor will not be seen by any court or tribunal. It is unlikely that any legal advice given to you by a non-qualified solicitor or barrister will be privileged in this way. This is a very important consideration, because without legal advice privilege you may need to disclose advice that may be negative to your case during legal proceedings.

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