What is Yeing’s background and how did she come to join us?

Yeing qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and has now spent many years successfully representing clients at Springhouse, now Kilgannon & Partners LLP, where she is a Director. Prior to this she held specialist employment positions at large regional firms, and spent some time practising in the west country.

Whist studying to become a solicitor at the University of Law, one of the electives Yeing took was employment law. This was where she first discovered her passion for employment law and human resources in general.

In addition to her qualification as a solicitor, Yeing is accredited with a Certificate in Human Resources from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). She therefore has a good understanding of the way Human Resources work in organisations; knowledge that she regularly uses to the advantage of her clients.

What does Yeing do day to day?

Yeing advises on a balanced caseload of work for employees and employers, which gives her good knowledge of how each ‘side’ works, and how best to deal with claims against them. Yeing is a firm believer that to be effective in achieving the best outcomes for her clients, it is useful to know both sides of the story, thus enabling the greatest strategy and the best outcome to be reached for her clients.

A typical day will find Yeing negotiating settlements and exit packages, negotiating with companies and other solicitors on behalf of her clients, managing Employment Tribunal claims and addressing any number of employment law related queries.

Yeing has particular expertise with severance packages including settlement agreements. Other areas of expertise include unfair and constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal and breach of contract, redundancy, disciplinary and grievance issues, sickness and absence issues, discrimination (sex, maternity, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion and age), bullying and harassment, performance management, flexible working rights, whistle-blowing and equal pay claims.

On the less contentious side, Yeing also advises on TUPE and issues arising from insolvent businesses and bankruptcy, restrictive covenants, contracts of employment and staff handbooks.

As a partner, Yeing also has supervision responsibilities, and spends a great deal of time supporting the other lawyers in the firm with their cases, ensuring that clients receive the best possible service.

Yeing’s top professional achievements

Yeing regularly achieves 5-figure settlements for clients, but it isn’t the size of the award that is important to her; every client from an employee receiving the most straightforward settlement agreement to the largest company wishing to carry out a fair redundancy process is equally important.

There are many employment tribunal cases that Yeing feels a high level of accomplishment about, particularly where her clients have been awarded costs against opponents. However, two of her Appeal Tribunal cases have been reported (and have therefore been referred to in other cases). One of which is related to TUPE (legislation relating to the transfer of business ownership).
Another reported appeal case dealt with the approach Tribunals should take when considering reducing an award for unfair dismissal.

What Yeing loves most about her job

Yeing has long had a passion for all things human resources related, and loves drawing on her deep experience to resolve what can be extremely difficult and emotionally charged situations. She enjoys putting her CIPD knowledge to use for her company clients and steering cases to good settlements for her employee clients.

The key values that Yeing brings to her practice are passion for employment law, determination in seeking out the right and fair result, and a strong belief that she needs to earn and deserve the trust of her clients.

In terms of her style, with her many years of experience, you can expect Yeing to listen carefully and to be confident and realistic in her advice. You can also expect her to inject real passion into achieving her clients’ desired outcomes.

Outside work

Outside work, you will usually find Yeing being with her family, including her young daughter, where she particularly enjoys baking sweet treats.

It may come as no surprise for someone who enjoys succeeding for her clients that Yeing was also almost a black-belt in taekwondo. However, since starting a family this has taken something of a back seat and has been replaced by yoga.

Contact details

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0330 124 7815
Linkedin: Yeing-Lang Chong