SkillUp is the Springhouse training system which is designed to assist our lawyers remain up to date with employment law and practice, to comply with CPD requirements and to make sure we offer the best quality legal service to our clients.

During SkillUp sessions our lawyers share, and seek ideas about, practice and legal points and strategies.

SkillUp sessions are also a good way for our lawyers to keep in touch as for the most part, they work out of different offices.

From feedback, we know people find them useful and enjoyable!

What does a SkillUp session look like?

We have at least two SkillUp sessions a month, usually over lunch time. They are held by video link (Skype) with all lawyers attending.

Our lawyers take in it turns to present a one hour SkillUp session to share with their colleagues’ information they have learned from attending external training or practice points which have emerged from recent work.

What external training is available?

Our lawyers are entitled to one full day’s external training (or two half-days) a year, which must be tailored to their developmental needs, as determined by them. For lawyers who are members of ELA, we pay for them to attend ELA seminars which will be valuable to their practice. Springhouse are members of MBL Seminars and CLT training, and we purchase relevant webinars for our lawyers to review.

How do your lawyers comply with their CPD requirements?

Our lawyers are encouraged to be innovative about keeping up to date with their developmental needs for example by attending seminars offered at Counsel’s chambers or reviewing ELA or Law Society webinars, and must keep their own record for CPD purposes. Every quarter our CPD officer will obtain a short update from each lawyer to ensure they are keeping up to date with their CPD throughout the year.