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What to watch out for in your new employment contract

So, you have been given a new employment contract. Congratulations! Employment law specialists Springhouse show you what to do with it next.

First, consider your negotiating strength

Has the contract been given to you before you have handed in your notice to leave your existing job? If so, you will be in a stronger position to dictate any changes you would like to make to it, before you go ahead and hand in your notice.

Have you already handed in your notice? If so you will be in a weaker negotiating position so will need to pick any areas you are challenging very carefully. You won’t want to sour things from the get-go.

Second, take a careful look at the paperwork

Employment contracts are very different from one another. Your priorities will also differ from other peoples’. For bespoke advice, contact us. But whoever you are, you should look out for the following:

We have a large number of resources about contracts of employment.

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