Wrong early conciliation number: ET1 barred?

Unhappily, in this case the claimant missed the last 2 digits from the early conciliation number in her Employment Tribunal application form. The Tribunal barred her claim because of this, but should they have done so? Background The claimant, Miss… Read on

Limits on Tribunal awards

On 6 April 2016 the amount of many Tribunal awards will be increased. New maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal: £78,962 (was £78,335). Maximum limit on a week’s pay: £479 (was £475). Maximum basic award: £5,853 (was £5,807).    … Read on

Starbucks dyslexia case: implications

You will be aware that Starbucks employee Meseret Kumulchew has recently won a disability discrimination claim on the basis of her dyslexia. But what are the implications? Implications In Ms Kumulchew’s case, her dyslexia meant that she made mistakes in… Read on

Early conciliation: adding new respondents

When a Claimant has issued against a particular Respondent, and wishes to change his/her mind about the Respondent after the early conciliation process has finished, do separate early conciliation forms need to be filled in? Background In this case, the… Read on

Tax treatment of settlement payments

In this case, the Tax Tribunal found that a payment made in a settlement agreement where discrimination was alleged in relation to a redundancy exercise was taxable, subject to the £30,000 exemption. This even though injury to feelings compensation for… Read on

Time limits and early conciliation

Where ACAS Early Conciliation begins before the time limit starts running on a claim, how should time be calculated? Background In this case, which was recently decided by the Employment Tribunal, the Claimant Miss Myers started early conciliation before she… Read on

BBC: Sexual misconduct anonymity order overturned

We report on a case where the Employment Appeal Tribunal needed to balance the human rights of the claimant against the public interest in open justice. Background Mr Roden was employed by the BBC as a Development Producer. The BBC… Read on

Claim brought 6 years late not an abuse of process

Was the Tribunal right to strike out a claim brought 6 years out of time, where the claimant had suffered from mental health issues over that period? No, said the EAT, in the recent case of Higgins v. Home Office.… Read on

£10k costs award despite inability to pay

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has recently held that the claimant in an unfair dismissal and discrimination complaint should pay the other side’s costs, despite her inability to pay. We explain why. Background Mrs Chadburn brought unfair dismissal and harassment proceedings… Read on