Tribunal fees are unlawful

The Supreme Court has rocked the Employment Tribunal system by ruling that Employment Tribunal issue and hearing fees prevent access to justice and are unlawful. It noted that there has been a sharp, substantial fall in the volume of case… Read on

Stigma Damages in the Employment Tribunal

Most people are now familiar with the fact that compensation for whistleblowing and discrimination claims in the employment tribunal is uncapped. It is also becoming more widely known that this compensation can include elements for loss of earnings, injury to… Read on

Appeal lodged an hour late disallowed

A claimant wishing to lodge an appeal against a Tribunal decision has been time-barred although the application was only made an hour late. Background The claimant in this case (J v. K) argued that he was disabled due to depression… Read on

Early conciliation: only 1 allowed

We report on a case where the Claimant started the early conciliation process twice. Although the second early conciliation would have put their claim within the valid timeframe, it did not count. The claim was therefore out of time. Background… Read on

Discussing case during evidence: BBC get lucky

A sex discrimination case brought against the BBC by one of its journalists, Ms Chidzoy, has been struck out because she was heard talking to a journalist during the adjournment. Witnesses are not allowed to talk about their cases while… Read on

Extending Tribunal time limits

Time limits in Employment Tribunals are extremely tight and we are seeing a number of cases where claimants are the Tribunal for extensions because they have put their complaints in too late. The Tribunal does have the power to extend… Read on

New Employment Tribunal Limits for April 2017

Maximum and minimum awards in the Employment Tribunal will increase from 6 April 2017 in the following key ways: Unfair dismissal: cap on compensation awards rises from £78,962 to £80,541 Basic award: minimum basic awards for automatically unfair dismissal (for… Read on

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