Study and training rights: what are they?

A legal right to request (not to have) study or training is given to certain employees. The right only applies to businesses who employee 250 or more people. Furthermore, the training in question needs to relate both to the employee’s… Read on

Forced repayment of training costs lawful

Was it lawful for a company to force their employee to repay their training costs even though this effectively took them below the minimum wage? Yes it was, where the contract was clear about this, and the dismissal was the… Read on

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a type of employment that combines work with learning. Apprenticeships can exist under a traditional, common law, form of agreement, or under a modern apprenticeship agreement. Under the traditional, common law, apprenticeship, the training is the primary… Read on

Reclaiming recruitment and training costs

Can an employer deduct recruitment fees and/or training fees from the unpaid wages of a departing member of staff? Yes it can, according to the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the case of Cleeve Link v Bryla. Background In this case,… Read on

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