Do I need a solicitor for redundancy?

Redundancy is one of a limited number of potentially fair reasons for dismissal from work. It occurs when your employer needs to reduce their workforce or close a business premises. If you are dismissed by reason of redundancy, you have… Read on

What is a reasonable settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is a contract between two parties, usually (but not always) an employer and an employee, which settles the employee’s claims against their employer. The employee typically signs away their right to bring a claim in return for… Read on

Who pays for an employment tribunal?

In an employment tribunal, the normal rule is that each party pays their own costs, regardless of whether they win or lose their case. However, in some circumstances, one party may have to contribute to the other’s employment tribunal costs.… Read on

Can I change my mind on a settlement offer?

In employment law, a settlement agreement is a binding contract between an employer and employee. It usually involves an employee agreeing to sign away their right to bring any claims against their employer in an employment tribunal or other court,… Read on

Surge in New Coronavirus-related Employment Issues

As businesses struggle to deal with the fallout from the pandemic, claims made by employees against their employers in respect of unfair treatment are on the increase. Latest figures suggest employers are breaching employment law rules According to the Ministry… Read on

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