The Latest Employment Tribunal and Appeal Tribunal statistics have just been published. Here are the headlines:

  • 15% decrease in employment tribunal claims (186,300 claims). This is probably down to a reduced number of group actions rather than a loss of appetite amongst claimants (this will happen when and if fees for claims are introduced).
  • The average award in unfair dismissal claims was £9,133. Only 2% of all unfair dismissal awards were over £50,000. The level of award will potentially be lowered by the Government in future.
  • The largest amount of compensation awarded by a tribunal was just under £4.5 million, in a race discrimination claim. Otherwise median awards for discrimination claims ranged from £4,267 (religion or belief discrimination) to £13,505 (sexual orientation discrimination).
  • The number of costs awards rose from 487 in 2010-11 to 1,411. Roughly 81% of those awards were in favour of respondents.

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