Working Time Regulations apply to all types of workers and sets limits to govern the hours most workers can work. The six key points the Working Time Regulations provide rights to are:

  1. To work a maximum of 48 hours per week, averaged over 17 weeks, unless they sign an ‘opt out’.
  2. Rest break of 20 minutes if they work for more than six hours in a day.
  3. Daily rest of 11 hours in each 24 hour period.
  4. Weekly rest of 24 hours in any 7 day period or 48 hours in any 14 day period.
  5. At least 28 days paid holiday (or pro rata equivalent for part-timers) in a holiday year, which can include bank holidays.
  6. Be aware that there are a number of exclusions that apply to particular sectors and types of work.

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