Mr Wardle, 44, was employed by a French bank. He brought a claim of race discrimination, saying that he had been passed over for promotion because he was not French. After the bank received his claim, Mr Wardle was sacked on the spot.

He was successful in his claims for race discrimination, victimisation and unfair dismissal.

Mr Wardle walked into a job with the FSA for £105,000 plus 20% bonus, but missed out on a salary of £120,000 plus a 70% bonus.

The appeal tribunal has upheld his claim for loss of earnings up to the age of 60. They calculated this at approximately £357,000 gross, plus £15,000 for injury to feelings. They reduced the additional uplift for failing to follow the old statutory dismissal procedures from 50% to 10%.

There’s no cap on discrimination and victimisation awards. Some legal advice may have been a good idea!

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