At Springhouse we pride ourselves on consistently getting the right result for our clients. This is a collaborative process: we will always take time to understand our clients’ concerns and help them focus on what the best outcome for them may be. Our knowledgeable employment law specialists will then use their extensive experience to move matters forward and reach an acceptable resolution.

The human factor matters

Every case is different, no two scenarios will be exactly the same and the human factor – namely the personalities and priorities of the individuals involved – means we need to tweak our tactics every time to achieve the best possible outcome for our client.

We will come up with creative solutions

However, our overarching aim is always the same: to act in the best interests of our client in everything we do. Sometimes, “best interests”, doesn’t equate to the largest settlement, it might be that a speedy resolution is the best way to help someone because their health is suffering, or that a return to work – on the right terms – is actually better than a termination of employment. Springhouse solicitors are experts in coming up with creative solutions and ways of working to help our clients achieve their aims.

We’re with you every step of the way 

Workplace disputes are stressful for those involved but, there is not much we haven’t seen and this knowledge means we can guide individuals through the process, providing re-assurance and tactical help along the way.

The case study below is just one, recent, real-life example of how Springhouse has assisted a client to resolve their workplace dispute in a positive way.

Case study 

The client worked for a government body and was initially being advised by another law firm. The client was going through the disciplinary process, accused of gross misconduct and was off sick, with the threat of a hearing on her return hanging over her. After several months she was getting no closer to a resolution, so she approached Springhouse for help. We were able to write to the employer pointing out the flaws in the disciplinary process to date and this resulted in a generous settlement offer, enabling our client to achieve her aim of leaving her employer on her own terms and averting the risk of a dismissal for misconduct.


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