The government has published a very brief guide entitled ‘Brexit: Employment Law’.

Essentially, this paper makes no further remarks in addition to those we made in our recent blog post.

The paper does make it clear what the government’s position is, however, and spends a substantial proportion of its content on this subject. It makes it absolutely clear that the Prime Minister has said that “existing workers’ legal rights will continue to be guaranteed in law – and they will be guaranteed as long as I am Prime Minister”.

It also points out that, once the UK withdraws from the EU, it will no longer be required to transpose new EU law into domestic law. However, it does make the point that this would be subject to the terms of any future legal relationship with the EU i.e. any future trading arrangements. Interestingly, trading arrangements with both Switzerland and Norway have involved them having to transpose EU law into their domestic law (whilst having no input into their content).

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