In the hope that the EU will reciprocate, the UK Government’s current proposal regarding EU citizenship is as follows:

  • EU citizens properly resident before Brexit can apply for residency under the new scheme which will be in place.
  • EU citizens continuously resident for 5 years or more before a specified date will have full rights as before. The specified date will be somewhere between Brexit and the referendum but has not yet been decided.
  • Temporary status will be given as a transitional measure for EU citizens that have arrived after the specified date but do not meet the 5 year requirement. Existing rights will be maintained.
  • EU citizens arriving after the specified date may be given residency, subject to requirements being met, but there are no specifics as to what these requirements might be as yet.
  • Rights of family dependants joining their family before the specified date will be preserved. Those joining post Brexit will be treated as joining UK citizens.
  • Where EU citizens are given full residency rights, their rights will be comparable to those that are given to UK citizens by the EU.
  • There is currently no need to apply for documentation to prove status.
  • No details currently on immigration rules and processes.

These are proposals only, not law. They are highly likely to change so please watch this space.

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