No, unfortunately this is not a special offer from Springhouse (we are always good value!).

Rather, Vince Cable has recently announced that, as of next month, “when Ministers seek to introduce new regulations which impose costs on business they will have to identify current regulations with an equivalent value that can be removed”. The only exceptions he mentioned were emergency regulations, and those dealing with City risk.

So, for each new employment rule, businesses will also need to make changes to deal with the removal of another. Or others. It may take more than the repeal of one law to make up for the additional cost of some employment laws.

For instance, a European Directive for the equal treatment of self-employed men and women has just come into force. This will give self-employed women the right to maternity leave and a maternity allowance for the first time. The UK will have to adopt it within 2 years. It will be interesting to see which regulations are repealed to pay for this.

It will also be interesting to see the courts challenge new regulations which breach the one-in one-out rule (including European ones). Potentially they could be null and void.

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