The legal landscape is evolving. Traditional career models, are no longer the most obvious choice for employment lawyers. Consultancy work especially with the larger consultancy ‘houses’ such as Keystone Law, Setfords Solicitors or Excello Law is becoming more and more popular.

But is consultancy for me?

Here are some comparison points to help you decide:


Consultancy pros

  • Generous cut of billing
  • Potential for more earnings, depending on client acquisition
  • Very little start-up capital needed

Consultancy cons

  • Consultants do not receive typical employment benefits
  • Responsibility for client acquisition ultimately lies with the consultant
  • Although the cut of the billing may be attractive, turnover may be limited


Consultancy pros

  • Flexible working is usually fully enabled and supported

Consultancy cons

  • It can be difficult finding cover during holiday or illness
  • The demands of clients will always be paramount


Consultancy pros

  • Consultants can set their own billing targets

Consultancy cons

  • A fixed income cannot be guaranteed and issues like delayed fee payments are a risk

There is a third option…

At Springhouse Solicitors we offer the best of both worlds. We encourage autonomy and flexible working – with a salary and excellent benefits.

Find out more about our unique offering for employment law solicitors

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