We’re going on an exciting journey of growth and we’d like to take you with us. But we guess your question will be: why should I work for Springhouse solicitors?

The answer is, because we’re different. Here’s how…

Springhouse is one of a new generation of law firms.  Forget what you think you know about working in the law, the old “norms” don’t apply to us.

We’re niche – employment law is all we do. So, if you are an employment specialist you won’t be distracted by anything else and you’ll enjoy a supportive atmosphere working with colleagues who, like you, love solving employment law problems.

We want to do a great job for our clients – both individuals and employers – we’re proud to be experts and provide a top quality service at sensible prices. More than anything we want to be accessible so our style is unfussy and approachable, both from a client perspective and in our dealings with each other.  Because we are new (we were established in 2010) we aren’t bound by tradition, we seek to disrupt the status quo when it comes to the legal market.

When it comes to recruitment, we think diversity keeps things interesting, so we’re not seeking identikit lawyers to toe the party line – we want our lawyers to represent the communities they serve.  And you don’t need to have come to the legal world through traditional routes, Ben Power worked in TV before he set up Springhouse

If you’re fed up with the commute to work, we share your pain.  We want to grow our network in the coming years and could literally build an office close to where you want to be, letting you stay local, reduce travelling time and enhancing your quality of life.

Our founder and managing partner Ben Power is no autocrat!  He champions staff autonomy and instinctively gets the need for flexibility and balance to enable people to juggle their lives.  You will be liberated to manage your own workload and, with business development mainly remotely, on-line and through social media, you won’t be expected to “network” after work (unless you want to!).

Finally, and perhaps most importantly you should work for us because this is a nice place to work.  There is no dog-eat-dog corporate culture here, just energetic fellow lawyers, focused on their clients.

If you are an experienced, motivated and confident professional seeking a different way of pursuing a satisfying and well rewarded legal career, get and touch and to find out what we can offer you.  Or, if you want to do a little more research about who we are, take a look at our join us pages.

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