Philip Luff, Associate

Philip Luff
Philip Luff

I start my Friday morning with a trip to central London to attend a breakfast networking meeting. This is something that Springhouse encourages and funds, enabling me to develop personally and improve my networking skills. After the meeting, having gained an important introduction to a potential new Croydon client, I head to our Fleet Street office ready for my first client appointment at 9.30. Prior to meeting the client, I tidy up a few matters outstanding from the previous day.

The previous day I had been in our Croydon office, which was set up after discussions between myself and Ben, the Managing Partner of Springhouse. I have been given an opportunity to develop an office close to where I live, which offers me convenience and flexibility as well as a chance to build my reputation within our local community. This is all done with the full support of the firm and utilising their previous experience in helping to build other local offices.

My face-to-face appointment in Fleet Street is with a senior executive seeking advice on the departure from his company. At the end of the meeting I am instructed to try and negotiate more favourable terms on his behalf.

I spend the rest of the morning calling some of my clients, ACAS and the Employment Tribunal to advance ongoing cases I am working on. I am free to manage my own caseload as I see fit, with trust put in me by Springhouse to do what is needed to ensure our clients are happy.

After lunch with a contact I met through networking, reimbursed by Springhouse, I draft some contracts for a client that I secured through my networking efforts. Before I know it the end of the day is approaching fast and another productive and interesting day is complete.

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