Employment law is a relatively small field, and fewer than 5% of solicitors specialise in it. So why choose to be an employment solicitor?

Here are five reasons why we think you should.

You will be intellectually stimulated.

The diverse, complex and evolving nature of employment law is an opportunity to be challenged and show innovation, to display your creativity and critical thinking, and to wield your problem-solving skills. Often the simplest cases and most straightforward legal concepts lead to the most difficult laws. This is a chance to show your mettle.

You can improve people’s lives.

The greatest challenge you will face as an employment solicitor is turning your experience and expertise into practical advice for your client. The employment problems may be complicated and the laws difficult, but you will need to give advice in plain English to people who are often in a very low place when you meet them. Improving their lives is a reward like no other.

More choice about where you work.

Employment law is a well-established niche field. It is relatively small but it is well defined. This means that you can work for a firm that specialises in employment law, such as Springhouse, or for a larger company that has more areas of practice. You can choose the working environment and the type of employer that suits you best.

You can build your skills where you want.

Employment law offers the opportunity of gaining experience of a range of legal disciplines, such as corporate law, litigation, advocacy and private client work. You can explore and specialise in as many disciplines as you like or focus on just one. Whatever path you take, you can find and focus on your strengths and build an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding career around them.

You could work for Springhouse.

This is what you could be a part of.

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