TUPE: service provision change of all activities not needed

Bolton NHS wanted to outsource its drugs and alcohol service. To do this they split it into two functions; case management and delivery of interventions. Different companies were given the contracts to provide the separate services. Did TUPE apply? Background… Read on

TUPE: temporary lay-off

Could employees who had been laid off before a service provision change took place still claim the protection of TUPE? Yes they can, in certain circumstances, says the EAT in a recent decision. Background In this case a painting and… Read on

TUPE: does it apply to permanently incapacitated employees?

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that employees who are permanently incapacitated should be distinguished from employees who may return to work and that TUPE does not apply to those permanently incapacitated. Background The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)… Read on

Single employee an organised grouping for TUPE

A rare Court of Appeal decision on service provision changes in TUPE. Background Ms Rhijnsburger, the claimant in this case, was employed by Drivers Jonas Deloitte, and had been deliberately allocated to look after the management of a portfolio of… Read on

£65,500 penalty under TUPE

A tribunal has ordered a vet service to pay penalty compensation of £500 for each of its 131 employees on losing its contract with the Food Standards Agency. In the case of Eville & Jones v. Grants Veterinary Services,… Read on

Clarity on TUPE service provision rules where client changes

Can TUPE apply when there is a change of client before and after the transfer? The recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (‘EAT’) decision in Horizon Security Services Limited v Ndeze has endorsed the principle that there is no service provision change… Read on