Trade Union Act 2016: what is it?

On 1 March 2017 the groundbreaking Trade Union Act 2016 came into force. But what are its main provisions? What changes will it entail? Highlights of the new legislation include: 50% ballot participation threshold 40% “important public services” ballot support… Read on

What is industrial action?

Industrial action is any form of concerted effort to put pressure on an employer, and can include strikes, overtime bans, work to rule, and sit-ins. Industrial action can be official or unofficial. When it is official, it may be “protected”.… Read on

What are strikes?

A strike is a form of industrial action intended to put pressure on an employer to improve working terms or conditions for employees who are members of the union. In certain circumstances strike action can be protected, and in these… Read on

What is a trade union?

A trade union is any organisation of workers whose main purpose is to organise arrangements between the workers and their employers, for instance their conditions or terms of employment. To be able to organise a strike, trade unions must meet… Read on