Auto-enrolment: low small employer awareness

The Pensions Regulator has published a report into employer awareness and understanding of the new auto-enrolment regulations. The report shows that awareness of the existence of the regulations amongst small employers is high, at 87% of small business, and 73%… Read on

£42,000 auto-enrolment penalty

The Pensions Regulator has recently raised a £42,000 penalty for failure to comply with the auto-enrolment rules. The company in questions is Johnsons Shoe Company, and the excuse that it was “too busy” to comply with the auto-enrolment rules did… Read on

The 12 steps of auto-enrolment

Pension auto-enrolment can seem very intimidating. We cut through the complications, so you can understand the basics step by step. Find out your auto-enrolment date. You should get a brown envelope specifying this. There will be a glut in 2017… Read on