Why choose Springhouse for your settlement agreement?

Fees Our help is usually free: this is possible by working within the legal fees contribution provided by your employer. If negotiating, we can fix our fees.
Expertise We’ll be clear, economical and get you the best deal because we’re employment law specialists and settlement agreement experts.
Speed Our highly experienced solicitors are always available and will normally advise you within 24 hours.
Convenience Can’t make a face-to-face meeting? We can help by telephone or Skype.

How our solicitors will benefit you.

Negotiating a better package
We significantly increase financial settlements on a regular basis. We review the circumstances behind settlement agreements and argue for increased compensation on the basis of our legal assessment.

Negotiating better terms
Other than financial ones, frequently negotiated terms include confidentiality, non-compete restrictions, tax and references. We’ll take a practical approach, explain your options and negotiate better terms for you.

Fixed fees
We offer fixed fees. Also, where possible, we can charge as a percentage of additional money received or try to achieve a higher legal fees contribution from your employer. How the fees are structured depends on the case, but we’ll always be upfront and clear about what you have pay.

How we will work with you.

Firstly, together we’ll go through the events leading to you being offered a settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement). Next, we will go through the settlement agreement with you and explain it.

Settlement agreements are put in place so that employers can achieve a clean break after employment has ended, with no risk of future employment-related claims. Contracts in full and final settlement of employment claims are only binding if they are signed by a solicitor or another competent adviser.

You may have been offered an agreement because of redundancy or performance issues. If this is the case, we’ll assess the legitimacy of any stated reasons and the process that was followed to make sure that you are being adequately compensated.

The next step, if you instruct us to, is to enter into negotiations on your behalf.

When the settlement agreement is in a form that you’re happy with, we’ll provide a certificate that makes the agreement binding.

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