Pre-empt problems: day-to-day HR support

Our day-to-day HR support service can protect your business and provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have access to specialist employment law advice around the clock.

One of our experienced employment law advisers will be available to offer expert assistance with your employment law issues. With a friendly and approachable attitude, they will be ready and waiting to help you.

Training your managers in employment law

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Training your managers in employment law protects your business and gives them the freedom to go about their jobs confidently.

Our bespoke interactive training covers all employment law issues. Including role plays, case studies and mock tribunals, it keeps managers up to date with regulations and helps your business avoid costly tribunal proceedings.

Handling grievances properly

We can help you handle employee grievances properly. We will check to see if there is any substance to the complaint and, if so, how to best manage the process. We will give your business the upper hand and protect it from claims.

We will ensure that employee grievances are dealt with as quickly as possible, minimising the risk to your business, including the possibility of unfair dismissal, victimisation and other claims.

Tackling disciplinary problems

We can help you tackle disciplinary problems with confidence. We will make sure that the process is handled formally, openly and according to disciplinary policy so that your business is fully protected against claims.

Our expert employment law solicitors will ensure that you follow all the correct procedures and that you can prove fair treatment throughout the disciplinary process.

Tackling sickness absence

We can help you tackle sickness absence with confidence. Whether the absence is ad hoc or longer term, we will ensure that you deal with each case properly and that you are protected from any costly compensation claims.

Our experienced employment law solicitors have a proven track record in helping business successfully navigate sickness absence issues. We will save you money and help you avoid legal claims.

Defending a tribunal claim

We can help you successfully defend an employment tribunal claim. During what can be a complicated legal process, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Our specialist employment solicitors have an excellent record in defending tribunal claims. We will make sure you follow the correct procedures and that you are in the strongest possible position to get a favourable result.

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