Why you should use our Brighton online settlement agreement service

We can usually help you within a matter of yours. Because our entire network of offices is at your disposal, you get an appointment quicker.

Employment law is all we do. So when it comes to your settlement agreement, we know how to get a fair deal from your employer.

Our help is usually covered by your employer’s contribution to your legal fees, unless your settlement agreement needs negotiating.

Ready to sign?

You can quickly conclude matters without leaving your office or home by using our fast-track online settlement agreement service.

Want to negotiate?

With your desired outcome as our goal, we will negotiate with your employer to get you the settlement agreement you want.

The benefits of an online service

Our online settlement agreement service for Brighton means:

You pay less
Because you don’t meed to travel and because our admin costs are reduced, you pay less.

A more convenient service
You don’t have to visit an office. We can help over the phone or over a video call.

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