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Employment tribunals down 79%

Recent data shows a dramatic decline in the number of Employment Tribunal claims over October to December 2013. This is undoubtedly due to the introduction of fees which now need to be paid by claimants for bringing claims and having… Read on

Secret recording- admissible evidence?

Was an employee allowed to use a secret recording made, while she was not present, of the deliberations of her employer at a disciplinary hearing? Yes it was, according to Punjab National Bank v Gosain. Background Ms Gosain secretly recorded… Read on

Tribunal awards to increase

The following compensation limits will increase on 6 April 2014: Maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal: £76,574 (was £74,200), or 1 year’s gross salary, whichever is less Maximum limit on a week’s pay: £464 (was £450) Maximum basic award: £5,676… Read on

Labour seeks annulment of new TUPE regulations

Why does Labour want the new TUPE Regulations annulled, and what will this mean? We were about to blog in more detail about the new TUPE Regulations, which will make life a lot easier for employers. However, we have had… Read on

Discrimination questionnaires abolished

What are discrimination questionnaires and what will their abolition mean? Statutory Questionnaires have for a long time been used by claimants in discrimination cases. In discrimination cases it can be very difficult to get to the bottom of the employer’s state of mind ... Read on

Employee shareholders – all you really need to know

Employers can now offer shares to their staff, in exchange for certain legal rights. Employee shareholders will have fewer rights than normal employees. They will not have any rights to redundancy payments or unfair dismissal. They will have no rights… Read on

New ‘On Call’ service

We are delighted to tell you about our new employment law service, ‘On Call’. ‘On Call’ provides businesses with specialist legal advice at a fixed, affordable, budgeted cost. Insurance cover is available in case of employment tribunal claims. Please view Read on

TUPE: another reason to avoid harmonisation of terms

Could two employees whose benefits were reduced after a business transfer force the employer to give them their old terms back? Yes, says the Court of Appeal in Hazel v. The Manchester College. Background The College cut the wages of… Read on

Forcing early retirement unlawful

Was the police force allowed to retire a large number of its officers early to save costs? No, according to an Employment Tribunal in the recent case of Harrod v Midlands Police. Background In order to meet the government’s budget… Read on