New Equality Act – 5 essential tips

With the Equality Act 2010 came some important new rules about discrimination. While best practice remained broadly the same as before, and the act meant to streamline the existing law, there were some important changes. These are important, because there… Read on

Six key points about the rules on working time

Working Time Regulations apply to all types of workers and sets limits to govern the hours most workers can work. The six key points the Working Time Regulations provide rights to are: To work a maximum of 48 hours per Read on

Check your employment contracts – the big 4

Are your employment contracts giving you the protection you need? Are they up to speed with the law and modern times? Here are our ‘Big 4’ reasons to check them now. 1. Are they legal? They can be illegal if… Read on

“Brexit” – implications for employment law

With the IN/OUT referendum looming, the possibility of a “Brexit” is more present than ever. What would the implications of a “Brexit” be for UK employment law? EU law pervades practically every area of UK employment law. It could potentially… Read on

Abolition of national insurance payments for apprentices

In the Autumn Statement 3 December 2014, George Osborne has announced that employers who hire apprentices will no longer have to pay national insurance. This rule will apply to apprentices up to the age of 25, extended from the current… Read on

New national minimum wage 2014

Here are the new national minimum wage rates that will apply from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015: Workers aged 21 and over: £6.50 Workers aged between 18 and 20: £5.13 Workers aged above the compulsory school age and… Read on