When is a final warning invalid?

A Court has held that an employer may not be able to rely on a live final warning to dismiss an employee, even though the employee did not appeal against the warning at the time. The case of Davies v Read on

Personal email dismissal fair

Employees sending chain e-mails outside work should beware. A recent Tribunal decision means their employment may be jeopardised as a result. In a non-binding decision, an Employment Tribunal has held that an employer was right to dismiss their employee for… Read on

Do not send dismissal letters in the post

The date an employee actually reads a letter dismissing them will be the date their employment ends (provided they have not unreasonably ignored it). The Supreme Court has just confirmed this beyond any doubt. This means that the termination date… Read on

Gross misconduct – Get all your allegations right

Compass has dismissed an employee because they believed she had stolen £3,000. However, in their letter to her accusing her of this, they referred to the loss of £3,000. They were found guilty of unfair dismissal because they had not… Read on

Will I be able to retire my employees?

With the end of the legal retirement age of 65 now on the horizon, employers are beginning to ask themselves When will I be able to ask my employees to retire ? Currently it is relatively easy to dismiss an… Read on