As an employer, it’s essential that you have the right documentation in place from the start, whether it’s for consultants or employees.

Expertly drafted contracts and staff handbooks protect your business and help you manage and motivate staff on a day-to-day basis.

Why choose Springhouse

  • Fixed prices.  Our prices are fixed. They’re set out below.
  • Better protection.  Your business benefits from bespoke documentation that is drafted by highly experienced solicitors who know employment contracts inside out.
  • Better service.  You get a prompt and personal service. Our team of expert solicitors is at your disposal.
  • Better value.  When you choose us to handle your employment contracts, disciplinary and grievance policies and working-time opt-out and offer letters are provided at no additional cost.

Our fixed prices

  • Junior employment contract:  £298 + VAT
  • Senior employment contract:  £598 + VAT
  • Director’s service agreement:  £748 + VAT
  • Consultant/freelance contract:  £598 + VAT
  • Staff handbook:  £998 + VAT

What document is suitable for you?

  • Junior employment contract:  This user-friendly contract covers all the legally required particulars of employment, including provisions for appointment, duties, probation, hours, salary, place of work, mobility, confidentiality, holiday, sickness, pension, expenses and data protection and monitoring.
  • Senior employment contract:  This more detailed and formal contract contains additional protection for employers. In addition to that provided by the junior employment contract, it covers conflicts of interest, benefits (e.g. health insurance and company car), intellectual property, qualifications, termination, gardening leave, protection of business obligations post-termination and power of attorney.
  • Director’s service agreement: This is a long-form executive agreement for Companies House directors or very senior employees. It contains more detailed provisions for regulatory compliance, duties, anti-bribery and corruption, public statements, benefits and termination.
  • Consultant/freelance contract:  This contract is for businesses that want to hire freelance consultants, either directly or through a service company. It includes provisions for the protection of the hirer relating to confidentiality, protection of business interests, fees and expenses, services, substitution, confidentiality, intellectual property and an indemnity covering tax, national insurance and independent contractor status.
  • Staff handbook:  This document contains details of company policy on personal details, equal opportunities, anti-harassment and bullying, performance management, sickness absence, dress code, whistleblowing, parental leave, information and communications systems, social media, stress and general health and safety.

How we will work with you

  1. We send you a questionnaire to complete.
  2. We provide you with a first draft of your documentation in a timeframe that suits you.
  3. You review the documentation.
  4. You either tell us you are happy or we resolve any outstanding issues until you are.

Contact us for an initial chat with a qualified employment solicitor.