As an employee you have many rights that are protected under law, but you are more assured of securing them if you are represented by the best employment law solicitors.

We are employment law specialists with deep expertise and experience – we really know our stuff. And because we are qualified solicitors, you are guaranteed an accountable service with full legal privilege.

We regularly represent and win cases for both employers and employees – though of course never on the same case – which means we are familiar with how both sides work. In short, employing us is a smart choice.

Quick acting under challenging timescales, again very thorough on subject matter but equally very fair, in the sense of reality and not encouraged to be too greedy.

Can I just take this opportunity of saying how professional and wonderful Gita has been through this process, though not yet finished, I appreciate. Praise should be given where it is due and I would recommend Gita to anyone in the same situation. (Wrongful Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal and Disability Discrimination)

April 2016 by NH